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  1. Sigh... thats the general concensus I'm getting with all the friends and family I'm consulting with too. I'm wondering if all that air moves under the truck with such realative ease... wondering enough to put a cap on my spending for the project to ensure I'm extra thrifty IF I even continue with the project from this point. One thing I'm still aiming for (in your general direction min you) is "lighter" wheels to reduce the "effort:fuel" needed to cover the distance my vehicle travels in order to take me from point A to point B, how ever I think I'm going to stray away from your idea as a smaller wheel may take less effort to make a full rotation BUT it will have to make more rotations to take me the same distance thus kind of self defeating the point. I might breifly look into lighter wheels, but there are all ready 15" alluminum rims on there so I might just spend the money of a nice set of tires and fill them with nitrogen. (for you horse power nuts that also will free up horse power in your super swampers to put to the road given your engine isn't waisting it turning your 100lbs air inflated wheels) Any other ideas? Keep throwing them at me, I wanna see what you guys come up with.
  2. <) Hey, y'all! Got a '90 bronco 2, in a manual tranny. Its a 2wd so I'm not really interested in taking it to the mud pit if you people catch my drift. My interest is however held captive by rising fuel prices that we all face. And I thought installing a lowering kit to improve aerodynamics would be a good place to start cutting back on the amount of fuel it costs to propel my ford. Not interested in slamming the thing to the ground low rider style, but I'd be lying if I was to say that I would not enjoy the sleeker profile. I've been looking on summit racing but all I can find is lowering springs and I'm not really sure if I need lowering shocks or other parts. Anybody done this before? Looking for good advice before I make a purchase.
  3. You are the man. Automatic transmissions are for sissies!
  4. Have you thought about replacing the air in the tires with nitrogen? It's fairly inexpensive and pays for its self with in the month.
  5. Sorry dude, I'm runnin' a rear wheel peel. Its all pavement for me.
  6. Just find a local welding shop that will take smaller jobs like this. With the economy the way it is finding a shop in need of side jobs shouldn't be a tall order. And on top of it you will save money cutting out the middle man (shipping, receiving, ect). I'm sure some local business would be happy to collaborate with you on designs directed towards your personal specifications.
  7. Swap it for a manual! Manuals are better at EVERYTHING any way.
  8. Beuller?... Beuller?... Beuller?... Could someone at least tip me off as to where I could research this? Would the dealer be able to help me?
  9. That is a very, very cool swap you are looking into. I'd like you to try, even if it would require lots and lots of modifications and labor in order to make the conversion cherry.
  10. It really could be the computer for almost any problem with modern cars. I would recommend you take it to a dealer. I've had positive and inexpensive experiences with the dealer and their diagnostic analysis of my GT. Not only would I recommend them, I would endorse them.
  11. Just had the passenger side brakes just locked up on the front of my 1990 B2 2wd. All sorts of problems and symptoms, the rear brakes have never worked since I bought the truck a month ago, I was loosing pressure when I needed the brakes, it locked up when I didn't need the brakes, ect, ect, ect, but that's not a big deal. I have a garage and a dedicated batch of intelligent dudes willing to crank wrenches. The point of this thread is that I'm a big believer in upgrading while replacing. So I wanted to get on here and ask; 'Are there any brake systems from a larger ford application that I can upgrade to while I'm at the junk yard looking for new rotors? Something compatible? Possibly bigger rotors or calipers that will slip on with out fabrication?'
  12. that1mofo


    Hi every body, this is Shorty! She's a 1990 BroncoII 2wd in need of a lot of TLC. Daddy raised me a ford man, he also raised me to believe that automatic transmissions are un-masculine and lazy. So here I am with a Ford Bronco2 with a manual transmission, score! One day I'd like to lower her for better street handling and better gas mileage. But that is in the future! Thanks for you time and support!
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