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  1. ok i have a 89 bronco with a c6 and 38in tires i have 3.55 gears now with a open dif, shes real slugish oh the line and gettin to 55. my 8.8 is about to need alot of $$$ put in new axles bearing gears ect so i have a 9in that is pretty stout besides the gears and nows the best time to go up so for better in town and a lil 55mph drivin with hills i was thinkin { 4.11 4.56 4.88?} i do not offroad much just a lil and i like to have ass off the line so whats my best bet with tryin to get a lil gas millage outa it cuzz now im dogin to get up them hills. thanks for any input yall have
  2. the block ground should be on the passenger side of the engine, thats all i know of.
  3. my power stering pump wines alot every turn i take its wining like crazy is there a fix to this?
  4. oktogo


    i have a 10in lift now but my front is saging can a 2 in spacer help that?
  5. it rly has help thankyou but all thight fight was very funny tho. and i guss im goint with the thermal coasted ones there 280 and will hopely last.
  6. well if its like mine a 89 then thats all it shold have and 1 o2 censor also.
  7. ok back to the subject no fightin. does any one know if the thermal coated ones are as good as the ciramic
  8. well what about the headman thermal coated ones there 285 vs the 437 for the cirmaic
  9. Ok i have a good question my dad is looking into buyin a bronco theres 2 he likes a 87 all stock new moter and tranny 4 3k but he wants a lifited truck like mine. there is a 86 for 5500 that is on 38s with a rebuild moter and trany but the tires are bald so what do yall think would be cheeper lift the 87 and get new tires and rims or buy new rims and tires 4 the 86?
  10. ok well y yall are arguin all throw sum fuel on the fire what about paint like the balck painted or the thermal or the ciramic is the money worth it or do i just replace the painted ones every few years?
  11. im in south Carolina and we have no emission at all no checks or regulations i could run a drag car up and down the road if i could aford the gas so thx for the help buy what yall say 2 1/4 is good
  12. Ummmmmmmm that c6 u have there will probly outlast 3 Aod trans but its just old school
  13. Hey i have a 89 fullsize with a 5.8 efi i was wondering i have a comp cam with a k&n intake and throttle body space headers. is there any more i can do before a start messin up my efi like a intake manifold or the whole kit? and is a new set of heads worth it? like alot more power?
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