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  1. Thanks for the replays. Do you think this swap will help gas millage?
  2. Will a 5 speed manual trans. out of an 86 Ford Bronco fit in a 79 Bronco with a 4 speed trans. without to much modifications?
  3. My 79 Bronco did that too. I changed out all the electronics. It ended up being the brand new distributor.
  4. Does anyone know what other years of Bronco's that the doors will fit a 79 Bronco? Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks all. I changed everything. Power booster, brakes, master cylinder, everything except the brake lines. I'm running 33x15.5or15.
  6. I have a 79 Bronco. I put some big tires on it, and was wondering what you would recommend for a brake upgrade? Or is there a power booster upgrade? Thanks for any help.
  7. Just finished her up a couple of months ago. Bedliner inside and out.
  8. I have a 79 Ford Bronco w/ a 351 Mod. And a 4 speed trans w/ granny gear. Is there a 5 speed trans for this truck. And if so, can it be dropped in without too much modifications? Thanks for any help.
  9. OK I've asked this awhile back on here. I have a 79 Bronco. Runs great. The problem happens when ever it gets hot. Not overheated hot. I took my boat out on Sunday, and when I parked the truck after I turn the truck off, I try to restart it. This time it wouldn't start. The engine turns, just won't turn over. I've changed all the electrical components at least twice. Soon as the truck cools off, it starts right up. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any help.
  10. Thanks Seabronc. It's a pretty new distributor, but I'll check it out.
  11. We put a light on it. When you turn the key it doesn't light up. But when you let go it would light up for a second. Once it cools down it starts right up.
  12. Nope it's electrical. Fuel is fine. But thanks.
  13. I have a 79 Bronco. Starts right up in the morning. But after it get up to running temp. If you turn off the engine, and try to restart it, it won't start. It turns, but won't start. When you let go of the key it sounds like it's going to start. I've changed all the electronics. Thanks for any help.
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