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  1. This should help.... http://www.martiauto.com/reports2.cfm Post pics when you can.
  2. The houndstooth inserts makes me think that it may be a Ranger package. Please post interior pics.
  3. That is an aftermarket scoop.....there is already an aftermarket filter on there, so it should not be a problem w/ clearance.
  4. Its the height of the aftermarket air filter is why it wont fit.(clearance issues w/ hood) You would have to put a scoop on the hood or a body lift for it to work.
  5. I think its pink and black, (not sure which is which or what motor you have, doesn't think it matters). You may want to get schematics if possible to be on safe side.
  6. http://www.tcpglobal.com/aclchip.aspx?image=1993-ford-pg01.jpg
  7. I believe it was after the '72 model year....the others you seen were probably half cab conversions. Just make sure the vin starts with U14 if you are looking for a true half cab.
  8. Welcome!.....and greetings from 1976!
  9. If you haven't already done so, check out this website and you can register that U13 http://www.roadsteru13.com/
  10. Did you use the Torque convertor and flex plate from the 302 or 351. I think the flexplate for the 351 is balanced at 28oz, maybe the vibration could cause the seal to leak? Fluid level too high? How does the fluid look? Could be overheating.
  11. 18 should be the rear axle code 3.50 2780 lb. Front axle code J- power steering.
  12. NPD has the same part numbers for the '77-'79 pickups as well as the '77 Bronco, I would think they will fit.
  13. A couple of quick differences between the engines is that the upper radiator hose is mounted to the block on the M and the on intake on the W. 351M should have eight valve cover bolts and the Windsor has six.
  14. I can only tell what it looks like from one pic. Looks like a little rust on the top.How does the motor run? Tranny? What does the rest of body look like? tailgate, quarters, floor? If they need repair, then you could negotiate that 4,200, which I think is a little high. Do you have the VIN? Is there a reason you think that it isn't a '70?
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