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  1. Looks like he got those matts from Ford That reminds me, I need to order new mats for my Durango. Ugh.
  2. I too have my factory radio from my 89 Sharp looking Bronco!
  3. How much you looking for the motor? I am about to slap a new one in my 89 (334k miles on it now) and getting it fully restored. But if I can skip the $4k for a new crate motor from ford for a decent direct swap I may go that route.
  4. Yeah.. the damage it took to get 5 years worth of rust in CO happened in 6 months here in TX. Thanks to humid weather. And I guess parking at the end of a parking lot next to sprinkler system. Didn't plan that one out well haha I think if I had drove it daily it wouldn't have rusted off. Cause naturally the heat would burn off any water. Oh well, live an learn..
  5. You sure? I mean..it has sat basically under a sprinkler for a year without being started.... Before I moved, I had no rust issues on my wheel wells (the common) and 16 months later, I have a good size hole from the metal/paint that fell out due to rust. Thanks to that dang sprinkler..not so bad on the driver side (no near grass). But seriously, it's not so bad.. It's getting a brand new crate motor and new exhaust installed so the current system be taken out anyway. All pipe from muffler to motor is OEM (or so I think)
  6. All my vehicles idle high at first then simmer down. But I'm going to assume this is after the truck is warmed up too?? my 5.0 Bronco always starts out around 1,600rpm then slowly bumps down (about 2 minutes) to roughly 800rpm. In gear its around 600.
  7. THa looks like a great time! I miss living in CO. The mountains are just a hop skippity jump from Erie (I think I lived down the street from you. I remember seeing a black bronco). I'm not sure where you were at tho.. I'm guessing north eastern of the rockies but I dunno. Looks beautiful trails tho.
  8. That's a very nice bronco. While I would never drive that I would turn my head and watch it roll down the street! I think if you put more "modern" OEM like wheels on it, it would really set it off. Regardless it's awesome looking! What kind of MPG you get?
  9. Another option is an externally mounted unit (glove box, under seat, ect) Find one with bluetooth controls or you could get any unit you like that has an adaptor for "steering wheel" controls. Then the key would be finding either buttons from a wrecked vehicle with steering wheel controls (my Durango has them) or finding some sort of control panel and making your own switchboard (hope you're good with wires). IIRC my unit has a bluetooth option (with adaptor) and can be controlled via my iPhone. But this depends on your radio needs and what not. Also, speaker upgrades are great. I just put some Infinity kappa component speakers in my Durango to replace the factory 8 speaker system and my oh my does it sound good. I picked up my Kappa 60.9 speakers for $130 per set.
  10. What year bronco? I'm assuming 92-96 as you said chipped.. I don't know much about those performance chips so don't mind my question (I seriously have no idea). Well that's pretty dang good. I got a tad over 22mpg in my 01 Durango SLT+ with the 4.7 but I thank the TCM swap with an 03 jeep to give me 5speed auto vs the 4speed factory from dodge. And it's a delight! Sucks I only do city driving (put 1,400 miles on it in the last 8 months). I can't wait to see what the Bronco will get when I drop a new crate in there. You mind my asking about how much it cost for the motor/labor (unless you did it yourself)? I don't plan to do much with my Bronco. It'll get probably as much mileage as the Durango (less than 2k miles a year) and MAY pull a toy hauler or a smaller trailer for quads. But I think the factory 310hp 350tq from the new motor be more than enough. Thankfully I'm buying a new Maxima so I don't have to worry too much more about MPG these days soon!
  11. I don't see how you can get 22mpg.. But you said a fresh 5.0 so I'm guessing new? I'm about to get a new 5.0 from Ford so I'll be super excited if I can get that kind of MPG with a new motor backed by an AOD
  12. Best way to clean is engine spray cleaner. Then rinse with the "shower" on a garden hose. But it sounds like you may have water in a sensor.. the sensors aren't nearly sealed as well compared to new vehicles these days. And when you have water between two wires with voltage..what happens? My guess, watery sensor. Second guess, loose ground. Third guess, puddle water somewhere that still seeping into the motor.
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