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  1. I know its been a while for this thread. So I figured Id update this..Ive added 4 more inches to my suspension and it threw my steering all over the road..I figured out that my caster was wayyyyy out..I ended up taking the 'C's off my axle tube and reclocking them to the correct caster. Not a fun job. That has made my steering back to normal. Im now running 44 inch tires and could barely keep the truck driving down the road straight. It was dangerous. Because of how wide my tires are, An alignment machine cant read the sensors. So I end up measuring the toe with a tape measure and set it from there. Works good now.
  2. Thanks. As im looking into this,it may be easier to just put it back together. I might come up with a mount to just put the factory compressor in the same general spot as it was with the factory engine. That way itll use the factory lines and ill keep my ac.
  3. OK everyone. After putting the Cummins in I havent had AC lines made up connecting the dodge compressor to the ford lines.And apparently I wont. My blower motor went bad a few weeks ago and just fought like hell to get the ac box out because the turbo in front of it. So now after breaking part of the flange of the ac box,Ive decided to say screw this.I havent really used the ac anyway with the soft top on and down in the summer. So heres my question. Has anyone done this? I know i either have to cut the firewall off a non ac truck or fab up a plate. And the box under the dash is different also. I can make just about any metal i need to match the factory non ac firewall if I cant locate one. Im looking for more info from anyone that has done this so i can gather everything up and convert this with in the next month or so. Thanks ahead. mike
  4. Hey. I dont know if that dually kit on the bronco could be from this company or not. http://www.arrowcraft.com/ Ive seen the ad for this company for years in the back of my four wheeler magazines
  5. Need to do some Wheeling

  6. Looks like you may be right. I also found 1 post on another site that said something about moving the "mounts" up one space. I dont know if they are talking about the perches or the rubber mounts themselves.. I wonder what the hell we were doing that we didnt run into this issue. Too far back for me to figure out. Hey I learned something new.
  7. Also re-reading this all.. What bully bob said about the length. I don't recall any 300 engine having an automatic trans. They were all manual, which I believe makes up the length difference from an automatic. Thats why they can drop in. The transfer cases were all in the same spot. Except in the divorced cases on the supercab and crew cabs.
  8. As far as I know.. The towers bolt to the frame are all the same. At least what Ive come across, It was just the rubber engine mounts that was what you had to change depending on the engine. As for the radiator, you can use the 460 rad, But what was different was the fan shroud. Meaning, Where the fan opening was,centered, off-centered. But If you get a shroud from a 73-79 I6,It might not be the exact width of the 460 radiator. In these trucks there seems to be different width radiators concerning where the shroud bolts up. That engine with the correct rubber mounts should just drop in. Double check though just in case I have something incorrect. But all these years playing with these trucks,I have not once had to change towers. Good luck
  9. Someone needs to turn the heat back on,Outside

  10. Its starting to get chilly out.

  11. Yeah thats what I got. I figured it just had something to do with the update to the site. A few bugs??? I assume it will eventually get fixed then. MIke
  12. Im also sorry to hear that. Ive talked to him a number of times and he was always nice..RIP...
  13. Hey everyone. Is it just me ,or is anyone else having a problem going onto anyones page? I get a message saying im not authorized to do that. Just wanted to know..Thanks Mike
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