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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size


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  1. I had 40s under my old one it only had a 5.0 302 this one is the 5.8 351 stronger motor its only what 4 1/2 inchs not much dif you know
  2. Thats what my truck looked like but I had no prob on 40 s it was just a 5.0 302 I would rost them the new truck is a 351 5.8 litter I have the lift its just four look
  3. well it will be manley four looks not trying to mud or pull just drive a little its the mondexs its fun to just ride but you can not drive any thing out there no smaller then 40s its deep but its fun
  4. its a 351 5.8 8inch from sky jackers I clear 40 s no prob and they were on a 95 ford with a 5.o 302 I turned them no prob on pavement rost them 40 s the new truck is a 96 351 5.8 and lock in four low un lock front hubs it should turn 44 s with no prob rite its in mud but more street purpose then anything. but I did have a body lift. A little one I didnt have to change the steering so why would I have to do that with the new body lift? And I can only find a three inch body. But I will get the fender's done I really don't want a body lift if I dont have to. YOU KNOW THANKS
  5. I have a 96 Ford Bronco with an 8 inch suspension lift. I want to get 44 Swampers. Will I need a body lift too?
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