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  1. would a bronco have enough flex room if it had 5 inches of lift and 35s with semi cut front fenders?
  2. i killed it from doing burnouts with 33s prolly, i just need somthing that will lock up when one wheel is off the ground or slipping, i dont beat my truck anymore since i wrecked the last rear, i drive like an old man now hahaha
  3. i am also considering a lock right my buddy runs them and i hear good things about them
  4. how do i figure out how many splines my axle shafts are without taking them out? the rear axle is out of a f150 its an open rear thats about all i no from the last guy who gave me the axle cause my tracloc blew up
  5. i want more traction when rock crawling my 94, i have an open rear now and i do ok until a tire lifts, i do live in pa so i drive in snow and its my daily driver should i get a limited slip like the detroit trutrac or eaton posi? or should i get a full time locker?
  6. i started this because i like to see broncos offroading but hate hunting for pictures and i'm sure everyone has a picture of themselves and their bronco offroading so post a pic and lift/tire specs and lets see how it goes! ill start
  7. also why are there just random holes in the frame? it seems like theres no plus to them accept to accelerate rusting
  8. leave a copy of guns and ammo magazine on the dash along with a camo hat and a few shell casings you should be in good shape. also what is the cheapest, but still good wireless starting system avail.?
  9. broncos are great, you just need a 5.8l and some of these things are just what you have to deal with if you wanna drive a big bad bronco! ive never had a need for tow hooks because getting stuck isnt an option when your by yourself haha and the hood does suck when your doing hill climbs and the interior is way nicer then a yj or tj lol and my hard top doesnt make noise either....
  10. i honestly wouldnt upgrade, for all the savings with leds you can just use that power for your sub and what not, just dont run everything at once and you should be in good shape, maybe do a dual battery setup
  11. yea you will have to adjust it for every kind of music bc i listen to all that to and if you go from listening to rap to country theres way to much bass and you cant turn it down low enough on your head unit so you have to turn it down on your amp, or built in amp but you will get used to tunning it and it will be easy its one of those things you just have to play with
  12. looks decent, idk how its gonna sound in that plastic box tho, you might get some rattle. i would still fill it with fiber fill
  13. dang thats expensive, you also can turn a subs bass way down to almost nothing, you caould have got a nice sub amp and box for about 150 thats what i did, the only thing i ran into when wiring mine up was this one tiny wire that hooks to the "remote" wire of the head unit after a little bit i figured out what to do with it, put pics upp when you set it up i would like to see it
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