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  1. wheels were aluminum aftermarket.
  2. Some one please come get this thing. My landlord is on my ass to remove it. Since I can't keep it I really want it to go somewhere that someone can use the remaining good parts.
  3. Sounds like a standard relay that can be used for lots of uses and cab be found at any parts store. I'm not sure what yours specifically is being used for
  4. Elmo

    All Fluids

    choices of brand of oil s to use are all ways up to personal preference. I use rotella 15w40 motor oil Castrol trans fluid, the transfer case uses trans mission fluid also. rear axel I would put in 75w140 again brand is up to personal preference, chances are that your bronco IS a limited slip differential, so be sure to add the friction modifier additive. the tag really only identifies the gear ratio and specs on the diff bearings, no real need for it in my opinion
  5. the ECM on my 90 model was accessed from inside the truck. I had to disconnect the plug from under the hood then remove the ECM by way of the inside of the truck.
  6. you didn't say, therefore I have to ask. The 7-8 BTDC set point for the timing.... you did this with the spout connector OUT correct ?
  7. Yes Broncos and F150 are the same only the Bronco is better
  8. yes I do still in the truck, in Georgia
  9. Thanks fellas. Oh yea. THIS was 2 years ago. Just dnot need these salvaged parts.
  10. Left front of front axel is good front axel shafts are good E4OD just rebuilt before roll over 1356 mannual transfer case good both drive shafts are good
  11. Dual element bulb. 1157 bulb has TWO elements isnide of it.
  12. Pull the engine. Replace the oil pan gasket, rear main seal AND the tran front seal.
  13. Front end shop will inspect and advise you what is bad. Then you can decide whether to fix it yourself or have them do it.
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