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  1. demon is a fine carb,I say they are overpriced holley's..lol.. the kickdown rod would be a good idea to install.the aod is the trans that has it's line pressure regulated by the rod position.it's cheap and easy to put on.
  2. I've bought 4 complete kits from the grvaeyard,not one problem.no complaints either.I believe the kit was around 250
  3. go find a aod.not only will you get the odrive you get a lower first gear too.
  4. yup,it can be changed.take out all the plugs when you get the pan off.It'll make turning the engine over easier.becareful getting the old one out.don't knick the crank.the new one if you lube it up good will slide right in.while you got the pan off I'd check the mains and rod bearings.easy to change once the pan is off.and the oil pump.A small pick set is a must for this job.and remember high volume oil pump...lol
  5. is the timing set a aftermarket one?the 351m/400 come factory retarded 4 degrees.a crank sprokect that put's it in straight up will give you a power increase that you can feel.while you got the timing set off...throw a small tq cam in there something around a 262-268.try for a dual pattern more on the exhuast.you could get the heads shaved ...if you go much past .30 you'll need to get theintake done too. here's a couple sites I found very imformative http://www.projectbronco.com/Technical_Art...ce_build_up.htm http://www.off-road.com/ford/flashback/400_power.html
  6. i have the jacobs and the box has fried itself,i sent it off like 2 months ago and still haven't heard anything from them.I still use the coil though.I have heard that other folks have had the same prob with jacobs. don't forget to put a good free flowing exhaust on it that will help with mpg and power.a programmer,set of 1.7 roller rockers,maybe some under drive pulleys,electric fan instead of the mechanical.and like it's been said keeping it tuned. good luck on your bronco.
  7. i put a 351w in a ranger,what are you wanting to know?a parts list? i ended up putting axles out of an early bronco in it,had probs keeping the stockers together(lead foot)
  8. sorry to hear that,good thing you got it back and it doesn't have mechanical probs.
  9. what about a donor truck you could get everything you need cheap if you look around.
  10. with a 6" block you are gonna have some major axle wrap issues,you should go with the shackle flip it's cheap and you lose the blocks. had a friend crush a block before when he dumped the clutch and it cost him a driveshaft,shocks,u-joints,and the time he was out of a truck plus the tow bill.
  11. [hey freak ahd the same probs in my 351 ranger,I hate those holley pumps
  12. check the heads for warp or cracks,I have a neighbor that put his all back together with a cracked head. and yup I told him so too,he didn't tell me his wife did.
  13. you could buy spring loaded needle and seats,jet extensions,bowl extenders with baffles work too.do a search and read it'll take awhile to find the info you want but it's there. the 600cfm 4160 is probably your best bet also.not saying the 2bbl sucks but they only have one set of jets and they are bigger in size,a 4bbl 4160 has smaller primaries and the secondaries won't open until the the engine speed was up enough for it to need it.if you floor it the 4bbl won't open until the desired vac is reached which you can set by changing the spring in the sec diaphram. endless possiablities,here's a link for tuning http://www.lovefords.org/tech/holley.htm
  14. a set of 1.7 roller rockers will help($200 or so) the k&n filter,set of headers,duals,and what everyone else was saying.the heads will fit no prob. think it all thru and try to get a couple good mods that will help now and set a basis for future ones too.
  15. fab it yourself.aluminum flex tubing works great
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