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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. august long weekend so that would be july 31 aug 2 2010
  3. 351/400 small block 429/460 big block
  4. it could be something as simple as a loss of traction that was causing the front end to hop. in my dually when i'm in 2wd and in the snow the rear will start bouncing when i'm spinning. may be same effect but in the front for you
  5. hey mike just wanted to let you know that it should warm up to the -18/-20 range tomorrow so i should be able to get a couple pics for ya
  6. there are zf tranny's that will bolt up to the the 351 (small block) and ones that will bolt up to the big block 460's when you are looking for a replacement tranny just make sure it's one that's for the small block i did the swap in my 95 and loved it. highly reccomend the zf swap
  7. sure give me a few days to see if the weather smartens up and i'll snap pics for you
  8. if you want to put a 6" lift on you can easily fit 35's if you're wanting to keep just 33's on the truck then you should be able to fit them stock if you want a little bit of lift and the 33's you can look into a body lift
  9. are you going with a leaf sprung dana 60 or coil'd 60? the one in my rig is from a 99-01 f350 (so it's ball jointed) i could take pics for you if you want. just not sure if it'll help alot
  10. have you looked into xplornet krafty? that's who we had to go with to get internet that isn't dial up on our acerage. they may be able to help you out
  11. count the high points on the spline. get a white marker or something that will show up so you don't loose track of where you started. mark the starting spline and count around
  12. i have the 660 truck avenger on my 79. i've done some crazy steep hills with the truck and haven't had any issues with it stalling out. the big issue that i do run into is the amount of heat that the 460 puts out and it causes the truck to run quite rough as the day progresses. but if you still have the stock engine in your truck you should be fine. just becareful that you don't go too big on the carb. there's a big misconception out there that bigger is better with carbs, but you can run into over fueling the truck.
  13. my winter mods include going through all of my wiring to figure out why i keep getting a drain on my batteries, welding in another bar behind my seat to the existing roll cage so i can use my 5 points properly (i'm too short for the way they are set up ), hydro boost on my brakes cuz i'd like to be able to stop when i need it, fix my rear links cuz i kind of accidentally bent them whoops, and i need to give it a polish cuz the sept long trip completely destroyed the body
  14. We had a nice quiet christmas which I really didn't mind. Went to my mom's on sunday for turkey dinner. Santa got us FRS radios so I'm very excited to head out wheeling again with our grown up walkie talkies lol
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