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  1. Yea, that's what I thought to but I checked and then remembered I had put new shocks on before my road trip two years ago. it's just on one side it's happening. The shocks are still functioning quite well. The squeek is still an issue I still think it's part of the drive shaft cause it starts to squeek before the tire make a full revolution. but I can't find a loose section, unless I an strapped to the undercarriage while it's in motion I am stumped. HELP!!!
  2. Hey there, Normally I do my own work. But this really has me stumped. I think I have isolated the problem but everytime I go to fix it it appears to be the wrong thing. I have greased my drive (Ujoint) line certs, which I replaced two years ago. I have run out of things to lube. I am still squeeking while I drive. I still think it's the drive line undermy seat. but I can't find a mech to agree with me. I currently can't do the work myself, recouping from surgery. Any ideas. also my driver side wheel is bumping on the road. my rotors are not worn, the tires are new. I am at a loss on this one. My new tires are showing skip wear on them. but on the one tire. Thanks wilderkat
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