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  1. I changed my wheels yesterday, went with some 15x10 steel wheels and couldnt be happier
  2. Nice Mustang, I can tell you really take good care of your vehicles
  3. Radius arm brackets, you should be able to order them online pretty easily
  4. Have you been running your tank to almost empty before filling up? If so that could be the cause for burning up fuel pumps
  5. why would you be out $1000? you can pick up cats for around 95 bucks My 89 has one cat on it and a flowmaster muffler and it passed a strict emissions test
  6. I just did the exact same thing on mine, its being aligned right now. Firestone is doing a lifetime alignment with camber sleeves for 250 out the door. seems like a pretty good deal.
  7. Update, performed an oil and filter change, a full tune up including the following, plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, airfilter, and pcv valve and she passed emissions easily. Good to know that it was something so simple and nothing major. I want to thank you guys for all the help and info.
  8. Thanks Skitter, I will look into those items. I purchased the Bronco from ebay and have only had it about a month, have not really done anything to it except install a new drivers side exhaust manifold that was leaking, In the state of Nevada, since I failed, I have to have a Official Smog station do the repairs and if it exceeds 450.00 then I can get a one year exemption, So Im thinking of changing the plugs, wires and change the oil myself before taking it in for them to look at. After I do pass, I can register it as a classic vehicle and never have to smog it again, you just cannot go past 5k miles a year which I never do
  9. I have done some research and should mention that since I purchased my Bronco, the temp gauge barely moves past the first line on the left, even while driving with the AC on and in traffic, Im thinking the thermostat is sticking open and not allowing the truck to get up to normal operating temperatures, just a thought, or a bad Cat, I have no CEL or anything of that sort, and it does have an unburned fuel smell, anything to help me pass emissions and save some fuel will make me happy happy happy haha
  10. Im reaching out to you guys and gals hoping you might be able to steer me in the right direction, I went to take my smog test today and failed one portion Idle speed HC was high. Im not sure what that means or where to begin to work on the vehicle, it runs great, but there is a somewhat strong smell if its idling in my driveway, not enough to make you sick but it is noticeable, I should mention I have only one cat but its after the O2 sensor. The vehicle is a 1989 Bronco 5.0 302 XLT all stock with the exception of a flowmaster 40 series muffler.
  11. Skitter thats a very clean install, looks great
  12. Thank you Bob, I was able to straighten the shield out and reinstall it. I forgot to mention that the manifold came out in 2 pieces,they are such piss poor quality and it was stamped made in vietnam, just like the Dorman OE replacement unit I installed, hopefully I get a few years out of this new unit. So nice to not have that exhaust leak and now I can actually hear my flowmaster muffler haha
  13. well great news, my manifold should be delivered to me by tomorrow, I already have the old one off, the bolts were all pretty loose actually, and looking at my work orders that the original owner gave me, a Ford dealer replaced that same manifold under warranty back in 1991. Anyways, the heat shield for the spark plugs was a PITA and did not want to come out and got bent pretty good. is that mandatory to put back in? if so I will try to straighten it out the best I can and reinstall it with the new manifold
  14. That will help me immensely, thank you for that info, you guys here are a wealth of knowledge. Im going to make that mixture and let it soak, and apply it for a few days, then tackle the manifold job, no rush since I only drive her once a week
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