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  1. So at this point the braking is doing well. Now I have Lean codes its all ways something with this Bronco!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have thought that the bearings may be it they are all new and when it pulls you can jab the brakes and it will straighten up for a wile ? Calipers have been cleaned again and greased and the rear brakes have been adjusted. I guess its going to be a wild goose chase.
  3. I have done the hoses the bearings and new calipers. When I checked the wheel temp the left was 240 and the right side was 180, I had the calipers rechecked and lubed and the rear adjusted and checked. Would the caliper with steel pistons have anything to do with it? I guess when it starts up again I will jack it up and see witch one is dragging . Thanks Note I have bypassed the ABS system so that is out of play!
  4. I am having problems with my 96 after I put reman. calipers with steel pistons it pulls to left after it gets hot, do I need to go back to OE calipers with the phinolic pistons, I have replaced the hoses as well.
  5. Just a not I did the bypass and I still had to remove the ABS light in the dash and for some reason I got a Check Engine light so I had the clear to clear it the code reader said no codes?? Any way thank again for the help.
  6. Thanks for the help, hope you get better!
  7. If I do the bypass of the ABS ECU by wiring the two that I need to jumper out side of the harness can I then plug the ABS back into the old computer ECU unit. Or do I need to leave the whole unit unplugged . Thanks George Coleman
  8. So if I bypass I will take the two wires out from the wiring harness make the connection and I can still plug the harness back into the ABSECU right? This will make the light go out each time I start the Bronco. I will need to make the two leads I pulled out water proof correct? Checked the fuses all were ok.
  9. Thanks, I will try this as well. If I do the bypass will I need to take the bulb out of the dash right?
  10. I ran this 8 times the wife read the dash light and I used a test light, wait 5 seconds after the key was placed into the run mode. pulled the jumper got 1 long 7 short then 1 long on my end. So what next try it again?? Or just bypass it??
  11. Well I did the abs light test got 7 short and 1 long ,, code said its the RABS valve HCV is bad! So do I take a chance and find someone to replace it or just bypass the ABS system all together and take out the ABS warning light? The reason I ask this if I have to take out the dash bezel unit it will be its last as all of the plastic pieces have broke off I have glued them for the last time. Thanks for the help George Coleman
  12. I will give this a try I do have to replace the light in the dash right?
  13. I think I have replaced all I can at this point, I will replace the dash light and take it to the Ford dealer and let them have at it. It needs someone that has a ABS code reader I guess. Thanks for the help hop you feel better.
  14. I have a 1996 Bronco, I have narrowed the problem to two items I hope. When braking and turning at the same time I experience pedal travel half way down and a pulsating pedal as well. Could this be the ABS control ECU or should I be looking to replace the ABS hydraulics module? Thanks for the help, just a note I have rebuilt the front brake system completely hoses, rotors ,calipers, hubs bearings.
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