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  1. FORD At a press conference today, Ford gave us an outline of its next few years, including a look at the 2020 Bronco. It's just a teaser of a truck under a cover right now, but it gives us a hint of the size and proportions of the new 4x4. Ford also announced that it will build a hybrid version of the Bronco, and that it's working on a new yet-unnamed small off-roader to slot below the Bronco. This is our first real look at the 2020 Bronco, even though there's not much to see. When Ford first announced in 2017 that it was bringing the famous 4x4 SUV back, it only confirmed the name. The image reveals the Bronco to have a boxy, upright shape, a short-ish wheelbase, and minimal overhangs. We do know that it'll challenge the all-conquering Jeep Wrangler and that it's based on the 2019 Ranger. FORD We don't know what to expect from Ford's upcoming baby off-roader, shown here in red, but from what we see here it seems likely that it'll rival the Jeep Renegade. Ford global markets chief Jim Farley says all of this is part of an effort to increase the automaker's off-road presence. "Ford helped start the off-road phenomenon and has majored in off-road capability for decades–from the Bronco to the Raptor," Farley said in a press release. "Now, we’re ready to reclaim our rightful place as the off-road vehicle leader" In other words, Ford is serious about taking the fight to Jeep. At the press conference, Ford had some other news to share regarding future products, revealing plans for a new performance-oriented Explorer ST to follow in the footsteps of the first Ford Performance SUV, the Edge ST. The automaker also reiterated its plans to bring hybrid drivetrains to the F-150, Mustang, Bronco, Explorer and Escape, saying that the hybrid Mustang would "be all about delivering V8-like performance with more low-end torque." This article from Road and Track... https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a19446486/2020-ford-bronco-first-photo/
  2. I noticed a few days ago that a lot of the older images on the site in the gallery were missing so I contacted Invision. It turned out that the images were lost during the upgrade to the new forum version and they were able to recover them, big thanks to their great support! Let me know if you notice any further issues with images missing. Thanks, Dana
  3. My theory is that it will be very similar to the 4-door Jeep Wrangler with a solid axle up front, a convertible top, removable doors and ripe for bolt on upgrades. I would think that the direction a lot of the restomod Broncos are headed is a good indicator of what the market is looking for. It might be a little more tame out of the gate so it's attractive to a wide audience but that will give them room to improve it over the future model years. What does everyone else think, it would be interesting to get everyone's opinion and then see what it really turns out to be. Dana
  4. Check out this new clubs feature we just added, let me know what you think... http://broncozone.com/clubs/ Dana
  5. I want to open this up more to anyone who wants to show off a new build, if you have recently made a significant upgrade upload some pics and let us know here! Dana
  6. The upgrade went south the first time around so we had to restore from a backup so there was about 8-12 hours of activity that was lost. Thanks, Dana
  7. Hey everyone we just updated to the latest version of Invision Community, let me know what you think! Thanks, Dana
  8. Hey guys, we are on a new server now with nothing else so we should be rock solid and the site should load faster than ever!
  9. Here is a post that was emailed to me by a gentleman who wanted to help out but not register... Try (lubrication) before you pry. Pull out the dipstick and turn it so you don't lose the drip of oil that comes with it out of the crankcase. Open the passenger door and carefully reach with the dipstick – still turning it so the drip doesn't fall and being careful not to get the dipstick over the upholstery. Place the oily end of the dipstick directly into the key slot (a second person might be handy to help with the aiming here) allowing the drip of oil that came from the crank case to go into the key slot. You can also transfer oil from the dipstick directly to the key. Return the dipstick to the engine compartment. Take your key and repeatedly insert it into the key slot, flipping it over and pushing it in and out about 100 times. Give the oil a few minutes to work its way into the cylinder. Try to start the vehicle. If your truck is like the Bronco I was trying to start, this is where the ignition lock behavior returns to normal. EXCEPT: after this procedure the key will be covered with oil and dirt every time you remove it from the cylinder. You're going to want to repeatedly put it in and take it out and clean it off as much as you can or the ignition key will spread motor oil everywhere. Cheers!
  10. Anyone going this year? Finally have my truck ready for some off road action! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bronco-daze-2013-registration-8141989911 Dana
  11. Hey Rob, It uses about 2 Terabytes right now, definitely quite a bit... the bigger feat is figuring out how to keep up with the archiving incremental backups! It is also running on a stout database server with SSD drives. We are working on a whole new version of the site with more social interaction that should be going live very soon. If anyone wants to be on the beta tester list let me know here. Thanks, Dana
  12. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but I was fascinated to read this article after seeing the ICON Bronco in person at SEMA this year... http://www.autoblog.com/2011/10/31/icon-bronco-quick-spin-review/
  13. Sorry I have been MIA guys, Invision just came out with another big set of updates I will be getting things updated soon which should help with any problems that may be caused by bugs. Thanks, Dana
  14. Here is the interview if you want to listen, jump to 20 minutes in to hear him plug Bronco Graveyard... http://www.dennismillerradio.com/pg/jsp/charts/audioMaster.jsp?dispid=318&pid=11468 Please keep any discussion here related to non-political stuff. Thanks, Dana
  15. Very sorry about that, the new software has a ton of SEO improvements including new URL's which are already ranking MUCH higher in Google and seeing a lot more traffic but most important of all the page views are up significantly which tells me people are enjoying the new software a lot more and spending more time on the site. I don't see needing to make any more changes like this for a long time, and by the way Super Motors is all custom so we won't be changing any URL's just adding features. Unfortunately because sessions can't span over different domains there isn't any way to do that but I will keep it in mind in case we can figure something out. Thanks, Dana
  16. In the upper right corner is a link to "view new content" Dana
  17. Thanks! Just wait till you see all the new features, you can vote good topics up and bad users down. I am not even sure of all the new features but its been 2 years since we updated the software so that's a lot of time for development I guess. Dana
  18. If you look over at http://fordfzone.com you can see we upgraded it, I will be upgrading this site here in a little bit so if we go offline thats why but we will be back in about an hour. Dana
  19. WOW, if you only knew... I think this is going to get me a divorce and I have only owned it for a few days now!!! Dana
  20. We (BroncoZone.com and FordFZone.com) now own http://SuperMotors.net you can read the full press release here... http://www.supermotors.net/forums/thid-714...wnership-change Please let me know if you have any recommendations, comments, concerns, ideas. Thanks, Dana
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