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  2. This thing is so crazy I had to share. eBay link -> https://tinyurl.com/4x44350
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  4. The Powerstop Pads are great after the bed in process. The Drums were from O'reilly. I've never had a heat issue with my brakes so I don't know how they warped. Oh well all better now.
  5. Yo Skitter, Too bad about the Power... I use Motorcraft brake parts since we purchased our 96 New. No issues except for me defunct dealer's decision to let their Dodge dealership install the rotors h7bs incorrevtly. The Motorcraft parts are actually supplied by MAT Holdings, parent to ther manufacturing entity, GRI Engineering for brake pads, shoes, shims, back plates, discs, calipers. MAT Auto also "...supplies ride control products including shocks, struts, and suspension systems for the North American commercial vehicle market..." "...MAT Auto Group maintains multiple technical centers of excellence around the globe to support product development with OEM customers such as General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Nissan, TRW, Continental Teves, Bosch, WABCO, and Knorr-Bremse among others. In addition MAT Auto Group supplies high performance OEM products to auto racing companies AP Racing, Brembo, Hi Spec Motorsport, and Maxx Autosport..." Read THE TRUTH ABOUT DEALERSHIP VS. AFTERMARKET PARTS By Andy J @ https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/r/advice/cars-101/the-truth-about-dealership-vs-aftermarket-parts I know that Ford and other auto manufacturers require different and more stringent specs than say, a national chain such as the zone.
  6. Did new Powerstop brake pads on the '91. Also took the rear drums off and drove them across town to have them look'd at. After only 2 oil changes worth of miles they were warped. had them re surfaced and now the vibration in the rear is gone.
  7. I would stick with EFI. You can do a MAF swap from http://www.fiveologyracing.com and follow it up with a 'QuarterHorse' for Fords to tune it right. Or you can try a stinger-performance PiMPxshift Powertrain Management System with Transmission Control for the same price of a MAF swap.
  8. Yo BB, The F series boards are said to be longer . I never heard of shortening them, but believe it can be done. Broncograveyard does sell 1980-1997 Ford Bronco & Ford Truck Running Board Support Bars @ 1980-1997 Ford Bronco & Ford Truck Running Board Support Bars https://shop.broncograveyard.com/1980-1997-Ford-Bronco-Ford-Truck-Running-Board-Support-Bars/productinfo/35510/ The bars tend to rust.Have you tried Craigslist? There's almost always people parting them out on there. For YARD SEARCH on-line, I use; https://www.hollanderparts.com A yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped. "...For over eighty years, Hollander has been making the best tool for fast, interchangeable part matches. The new Edition Hollander Interchange contains more interchangeable options than ever before. The Hollander Interchange provides auto recyclers and auto collectors, rebuilders, and others with the easiest and most comprehensive solution for identifying interchangeable auto parts..." See their yard Directory @: https://www.hollanderparts.com/SellerDirectory Can select certain parts Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles If a specific part, such as the tailgate torsion bar isn't listed, search again for the next higher assembly, such as in this instance, the tailgate. ¤ or http://www.car-parts.com/ Can select certain parts Can search by year range, such as 92 through 96 & has best item condition descriptions such as "COVER BAD LEATHER PWR BKT GRY" Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles incl. interior/dash, back seat, front & rear and engine bay ¤ http://www.picknpull.com This is a Company name w/yard locations in various states Can NOT Select certain parts Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles ¤ http://row52.com/Search Can NOT Select certain parts Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles AND Want a Part? It's Easy... 1. You create a Parts Wanted Listing. 2. Parts Pullers respond with offers. 3. You pick the best one. A Parts Puller gets the parts you need. ¤ For obsolete parts by Ford long version pn: http://www.partsvoice.com/ http://www.rearcounter.com http://www.greensalescompany.com https://nospartsltd.com & For new discounted Ford parts: https://consumerlink.oeconnection.com/91554453363118850 (suggested by JScatt!) ¤ Stop by a local Ford dealer parts department and ask. They will look it up in the Interchange Guide data base. The Ford bean counters deleted the public Interchange Guide and Buyer's Guide a few years ago to save their $ & make it more difficult for us to maintain our Broncos. As an example, here is Ford Motorcraft's buyers guide info for a ""Motorcraft basic pn": "12A646 is a relay.EEC power, mostly found under the hood next to the fuel pump relay on EFI vehicles. . RELAY, ELECTRONIC ENGINE CONTROL (ASSEMB DY-865 [Universal Relay] 2 Bbl.; E1VB-12A646AA,E3AF-12A646B1A,E3UF-12A6461A1,A2A, B1A,,B2A,E3TF-12A646A1A,A2A,B1A,B2A and from the Buyers Guide: Part No.: DY-865 Manufacturer: MOTORCRAFT Part Type: ELEC ENG CONT ASSY RELAY Total No. of Vehicles: 275 FORD (202) 1983-1994 AEROSTAR (9) 1986-1992 1992 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1991 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1990 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1989 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1988 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1987 L4-140ci 2.3L F/I Vin A 1987 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U 1986 L4-140ci 2.3L F/I Vin A 1986 V6-183ci 3.0L F/I Vin U BRONCO (18) 1983-1991 1991 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1991 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H 1990 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1990 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H 1989 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1989 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H 1988 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1988 V8-351ci 5.8L F/I Vin H 1987 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1987 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H 1986 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1986 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H 1985 V8-302ci 5.0L F/I Vin N 1984 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F 1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G 1984 V8-351ci 5.8L 4 BBL Vin H 1983 V8-302ci 5.0L 2 BBL Vin F 1983 V8-351ci 5.8L 2 BBL Vin G ETC." ¤ Pull-A-Part SEARCH INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS INVENTORY, @ https://www.pullapart.com/inventory/...-parts/search/ Handy_andy_cv64 01:08 PM 11-01-2014 Times three on the truck info. That always helps. El Kabong 02:07 PM 11-01-2014 $350 seems awful high. If you are patient you should find one for less. Around here they seem to run about $50-$100 when they show up on CL. Did your Bronco originally have an external spare? Part of the reason for the bumper spare carriers is that there is internal bracing for the carrier that isn't there on trucks that didn't originally have the external carrier. The bumper versions also carry more weight without body damage. Mine was an internal carrier originally. Here are the details about the addition of the external carrier: Quote: Originally Posted by El Kabong 22- My Bronco doesn't have an exterior tire carrier. Can I add one? Yes, but... Broncos that came with a stock external tire carrier have additional supports behind the sheet metal that trucks with internal carriers don't have. If you don't add interior support, the carrier will rip the sheet metal. Some have had trouble with large spares damaging the tailgate even with the stock supports. The strongest solution seems to be a rear bumper with a tire carrier built on it. Several of us have added the stock type spare carrier, with various results. If you add a stock external carrier, you'll need to add support inside both the tailgate & the fender. I added an external carrier to my 90. It has been ok so far. I carry a 33" BFG m/t on an aluminum rim, so it is not as heavy as some spares. I wheel it, but I'm not crazy with it. No jumping. I can see some flex in the quarter panel when the spare is all the way open. I am always careful when it's opened. It seems solid & tight when it's closed. It is somewhat misaligned in that the rubber block at the bottom hits before the latch. I think it keeps it tighter & may prevent damage. I also kept the interior spare carrier. It's pretty much out of the way with no spare it, gives me something to lash to, & makes it easy to carry 2 spares on the trail (Some guy named Tom told me early on I should always have 2 spares ). For the tailgate, you probably want to use the stock support for inside the tailgate. It's just way too easy to install the stock brace to even consider making one. It has to tie into the structure inside of the tailgate to distribute the load. It can be unbolted from one truck & bolted into the next. If you add a carrier to a Bronco that never had one, use that support. Here's a pic of the tailgate support (Pic borrowed from Dustball, the last I heard he's still selling this part). The top is at the left. You can see the 3 holes for the latch. The other holes mount to the structure inside of the tailgate. Quote: Originally Posted by Dustball There is also a support inside the fender, but it can't be removed from a good truck without a lot of work/damage. It's better to get that part from a truck that's being parted out, or to make a new one. If you use the stock fender support, you may have to cut it to fit it into place. My internal fender supports are made from 3/16 plate, bent to fit. They are each bent twice with 2 flats that contact the fender at the bolt holes, & a center portion that doesn't contact around the curve. The edges are ground round, to try to keep from them punching through. They don't connect to each other or to the existing internal bracing like the stock brace does, but it would be stronger if they did. I may still modify them to do so. It's easier to make the supports to fit the shape & hole pattern of the carrier hinge brackets. The hinges are the same shape as the fender, & it's much simpler to work with the hinges on the bench than trying to bend the steel to match the truck. Here is a sideways view of the stock support inside the rear fender from Mickaila's Bronco build. Quote: Originally Posted by mickaila Here is an overall view, again, ITS UP SIDE DOWN, as you can see the top portion of the panel (where the soft top sits) on the ground presently: And a shot through the taillight opening of one of my homebuilt braces (It's getting rusty in there, it should have been painted. Even inside of the quarter panel in California ). You can see how it isn't formed to the fender at the curve, but takes a straight line across. Be aware that the design of the latch changed (I think the break is between 89 & 90, but I'm not sure). The older ones have a long release lever & sort of a hook strike, while the newer ones have a short release handle & a latch mechanism similar to the doors. Make sure that the strike you buy matches your carrier. My experience is with a 90. I have heard that the hinge brackets are a different shape to match the rear fenders of 78-79s, 80-86s, & 87-96s, so be sure to use the matching hinge brackets for your fenders. I have also heard that the carriers themselves will swap between 78-79s, 80-86s & 87-96s if you use the correct hinge brackets, but don't know that personally. They also went from 2 holes mounting the latch to 3 at some point. The 2 & 3 hole parts may work with each other, but you might have to drill a 3rd hole & add a nut behind. My internal tailgate brace had only 2 holes. They matched 2 of the strike holes, & I drilled the 3rd. Here's an earlier strike (89 & before?): Somewhere there's a pic of the later strike (90 & later?) When I find it I'll add it. III%er 12:02 AM 11-04-2014 I am just missing the carrier and I have to drill and tap or easy out one hole. When I repair my tailgate I will see what I can do to beef up the support on the tailgate. It looks like the damage on the top of the gate is from having spare tire plus years of rain getting in there. I keep looking for the carrier and hopefully I find one, but I don't need it till after Christmas, because that's when I am doing the body work. dlogeston 03:49 PM 11-06-2014 I like jeffs bronco grave yard. But I find a lot of good stuff on ebay. 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  9. I am restoring a 1988 Ford Bronco and would love to put some factory Eddie Bauer running boards on it. Does anyone know if running boards from a 1995 F-150 part number F2TS-16472-A & 16473-A will fit and if not could I modify them (shorten or lengthen) to fit Thanks.
  10. Hey fellow Bronco owners I was trying to get some advice. My 92 Bronco came with tbi but I had my 351w stroked to a 408 and I'm trying to figure out if I'm better off just sticking with the throttle body or can I achieve better performance with a carburetor or even 2 carburetors. So if someone has gone from tbi back to carburetion. Let me know if you think about what to go with.
  11. It's a Rough Country 6 inch lift. I didnt have to change the radius arms, even thought they were after market.

    Ive had 2 offers to buy it since I did it....NO

  12. Finally got my 6 inch lift finished. 



  13. Yo 93, If your 4WABS system is not working, You can tap into the 4WABS Control Module Connector Jumper 14 (CKT 530, LG/Y)to 21 (CKT 519 (LG/BK) Jumper & 39 (CKT 491 (O/LB)to 22 (CKT 523, R/PK)..." Source: by Turbo Ghost Or if 4WABS Is Working, open the harness to Connector and splice into those four wires about 4 inches from Connector.
  14. Hello....I need to find out where and how to tap into the speed sensor on my 93 Bronco. The new motor is in and I'm in the process of hooking up a stand alone transmission controller. My Mechanic tried to tap into the sensor on the diff. and the speedo is acting strange , when key is turned on the needle jumps around . He is afraid of ruining the speedo so I thought I would check in here for some advise before going any further ….maybe there is another place to tap into ???...……..thanks in advance
  15. Ya., a freeze plug is very likely.., beings it gets cold there. However., if the eng. was replaced., those would be new(er). Other possibilities; head gasket failure, warped head, cracked head, intake manifold gasket, cracked block. Seems obvious to me, that's why he's selling it. He has to know it's leaking..!! Have him fess-up..!! He likely knows what & where it's leaking from.
  16. Yo fyre, I believe leak may be from a freeze plug. 3 freeze plugs behind the exhaust manifold on both sides.
  17. I recently looked at a nice 79 Bronco Ranger XLT with a 400ci that is available. The owner is the original owner. The truck has 108,000 original miles and the owner installed a new long block at 100,000 miles a "few" years ago. He said has hasn't driven the truck in a couple of years. I drove the truck around the block and when I got back, coolant was pouring out of the left side of the engine onto the oil filter. I couldn't see where the coolant was coming from, but it was a heavy stream. Any idea what the source of the leak is?
  18. Put a g3 in the Centurion. Got the alt from a Pull-A-Part yard in Boise. $20 and it works.
  19. Looks like the dash gave it up these last two years, had to wire tie it up on the PS. Totally broke away at the top!
  20. I had a new one from Jeff’s, I’m just surprised someone really but it on backwards after they painted it red.
  21. Yo RR, YW! Url Tag Img Thumb DoorGsktFiller.JPG | Hits: 1773 | Size: 75.14 KB | Posted on: 12/19/12 | Link to this image To rejuvinate collapsed door gaskets, insert foam caulk backer rod. Larger foam will fit, but this is sufficient, and fairly easy to install. I was able to push about 5 feet directly in, and then use needle-nose pliers through the vent holes to pull the rest through. A long wire fed through beforehand would have made pulling the rod in even easier. Any leftovers can be used in the doors: Immediately after this, the doors should be fully aligned to prevent further damage to the seals. http://www.fourdoorbronco.com/board/showthread.php?6884-Door-Alignment Finally, apply silicone spray lube &/or teflon dry lube to the gaskets to keep them soft, clean, and silent doorfrontfill.jpg | Hits: 1546 | Posted on: 1/29/13 | View original size (392.18 KB) This scrap of caulk-saver rod from the door gasket filler will prevent small pebbles & parts from jamming in the narrow gap, causing dents or rust. The bottom is open to allow water to drain rearward. It can also be used above the rear wheel arch reinforcements, and inside the door seals
  22. Thank you as usual sir, for now I just put the hose back on and will order the parts. HOWEVER... THIS must be that special Ford door seal test Bronco!?!? I’ll bet it’s value just tripled???
  23. Yo R-R, Stuff happens! Been there, done stuff too!😎 Problem with the "new look" here, our signatures don't show our Bronco or F Series years, nor engine, etc, so; I figure you need this; Two ECTs, one for the TEMPERATURE GAUGE and other for the EEC IV (ECT). ECT = engine cooling temp sensor which threads into the "octagonal" tree shaped tube that's threaded into the lower intake manifold and has a small TB cooling tube and hose AND another metal tube/hose threaded into the side which goes to the heater core inlet IIRC.This "octagonal" tree shaped tube is available at Rock Auto for: 1993 FORD BRONCO 5.87 V8 : for exampleHeat & Air Conditioning : Heater Hose / Pipe Suggest buying Motorcraft, all day, every day!MOTORCRAFT KT81 Click for more information about this part {#E8TZ18B402C} HVAC Heater PipeTube to manifold$46.79 btw, this is a priced drop of $2.00 since June 2016!!! Same for 93 5.0. BTW, Ford advises to apply pipe sealant or Teflon® tape to the threads of the new temperature gauge sender.
  24. Had to “Tag” her out, lazy mechanic forgot to tighten the clamps on the intake tubes, last week after replacing the manual temp gauge that quit working one month after install 7 years ago, not once, or twice, but 3 times! First time it was routed perfectly, then I went back to admire my handy work except the gauge was not actually ran through the pillar gauge mount! Second try, through the pillar mount, routed incorrectly under the dash, finally on the 3rd attempt. So anybody can give me a discription and or a part number for this coolant block? I really need an actual Ford manual! Think I’ll fix that quality pillar gauge light wiring too Thanks
  25. Hi.., Ya.., there's always other issues to deal with when you make a change/mod. The new intake & carb. sit higher & air filt. won't clear the hood. The linkage will need mods. Exhaust back pressure.., or the lack, of can affect tuning. The smaller Edelbrock (spell) is the most popular I would guess. My thoughts are; unless you do a lot of high-speed freeway driving, it could be rare that you ever get into the back two barrels. There's hood scoops that allow filter clearance. Also aft. market "flat" filters that might help if they clear the linkage. Give us more info. on your intensions & how your rig is equipped.., that would help us help you..... B
  26. Thinking about putting a 4 barrel on my 302, replacing the original 2 barrel. any recommendations or ideas? Brands, cfm, installation issues?
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