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  2. If you get that Non-Profit going let me know. I've learned that I need to stay off Craigslist and FB Marketplace. I've almost bought 2 Broncos in 1 day because of those sites.
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  4. Yo RR, Good on the inspection! all A-OK? Here is tge USMC POV INSPECTION CHECKLIST https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.albany.marines.mil/Portals/75/Docs/Safety/Motorcyle%20Vehicle/POV-Inspection-Checklist.pdf%3Fver%3D2017-05-12-104620-947&ved=2ahUKEwiN94f205rhAhXimuAKHc5qA2QQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw3OyrDzW0lJW75iVwfZ6SAi
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  6. Will do sir Seems now all I want to do is buy the 5 or 6 Broncos at the car lot by me, plus I know where 2 others are sitting in fields. May be too late for one of them? Wonder if I can start a government funded, non-profit Bronco Rescue Organization? I’ll need a shop, with a drive on lift and a regular frame lift too. Was gonna drive in to work this morning, but decided I should crawl back under her and check everything out now that she has 70 or so miles on her
  7. Most panels are lined with a sealant type gasket & then spot welded.The welds have to be punched or drilled out. Sure seems like a lot of $$ ...... I might be tempted to get a new fiberglass body. Bronco Graveyard has a sheet metal "body blow-up" in their catalog.
  8. Spoke to Wild Horses and they seemed to think it was a great price for the work involved. I have identified most items I will need, but I am sure there may be items we will run into. Does anyone have a good diagram of the body panel breakdown? Also the quarter panels seem like they will be a headache, my guess is there are not upper and lower which are all in one? Thanks again for all the help
  9. Thanks! I'll reach out to them. I'll keep y'all updated
  10. M5 put these addresses in for you. If you talk to Toms Bronco Parts and www.wildhorses4x4.com maybe even Bronco graveyard...., They've done this type of work (labor) & can give ya an indication as to a fair price (or ballpark) for your rig. I would call them. I myself haven't a clue what these services cost these days. Do keep us posted as to what you find out........ B https://shop.broncograveyard.com/Steel-Body/products/124/ https://www.tomsbroncoparts.com/category/66-77-bronco-body-panels
  11. I have zero experience with body work. My other concern is the longevity. The previous bondo was falling apart. I am willing to spend the money if it makes sense. Does it sound correct for that price to pull all old panels off, put new on and paint? I know there is a good amount of labor involved, I just have no good reference point.
  12. Hi PJ.., Hard to tell W/O seeing it. There's an old school repair called "leading-in" . That's what all the repairs were done with 'til "Bondo" came to be. Really bad places can be cleaned & patched if the structural strength is still OK. You can't do the Bondo patch work yourself..?? That's a lot of $$ ...! What's your intended use for this rig..? If it's out 4x4'n ..., a perfect paint/finish isn't all that necessary. I've patched/painted many & I'm NO expert..!! Nobody ever noticed. Mostly learned as I go. B
  13. Thanks for the input. Got a call today from restoration shop. Their recommendation is purchase all new panels, hood, tailgate and windshield frame. Concern of theirs is the labor to make these items paintable and look good will cost more than new panels. Does anyone have an idea on this cost? They are quoting $12,000 for all labor and paint, I buy the parts. If they come across unexpected areas of repair they will absorb cost. Thanks
  14. Yo, Expect the worse such as rust. I bought the 96 Bronco 1/4 panel patch panels from MILL SUPPLY, Cleveland, OHTheir body parts On-line Store site is rustrepair.com.They are primed and of 18 gauge steel - exact fit around wheel well arch and packaged very well for shipping.Upper wheel arch area 16"H x 40"L 87-98 $29.00 & RHfrom the horizontal crease below camper top down to wheel arches and around the archesexact fit = was able to weld w/no adjustments to it or the 1/4Order their Catalog(s)Printed Catalogs do not list price though.FORD TRUCKS PDF PAGES 86-97 Aerostar 66-77 Bronco 78-79 Bronco 80-86 Bronco 87-91 Bronco 92-96 Bronco 84-90 Bronco II https://www.millsupply.com/auto-body-rust-repair-panels/ford-pickup-suv-van/ford-bronco/66-77-ford-bronco/ Or, https://shop.broncograveyard.com/Steel-Body/products/124/ https://www.tomsbroncoparts.com/category/66-77-bronco-body-panels GL!
  15. I currently have the Bronco in a shop for some new installs, also hoping to finish it off with paint and body work. The current paint has always been a little rough in some spots. After speaking to them and checking some troubled spots it looks like there may be more rust than expected. The seam between the upper and lower quarter panels has quite a bit of bondo, after removing some the metal has a good amount of seperation/holes throughout the weld. Also rusted wheel wells and lower tailgate which I expected. There are areas with very rough spots, in my mind it could be someone just painted right over the previous paint. Or worse it could be pitting from more rust. Any recommendations on a route to take? Could most of the exterior panels be salvaged or start looking at new body panels? I am not looking for it to be show quality, but would like it to be presentable and last. Considering any route will most likely be expensive. Thanks for any input or past experiences.
  16. Yo RR, Congrats on the inspection! Look for a Corbeau in a yard queen. I've seen them in Stangs, Camaros and the other usual suspects.
  17. In your best WN voice everybody sing On The Road Again! So she is legal and back on the road today! Not sure what’s in her future, new carpet for sure and y’all really need to pitch in and buy me a Corbeau seat! Just the drivers side, unless you want to get me both? While she won’t be a “daily” anymore, it good to have back on the road, we’ve covered 3 NHRA Spring Nationals, 3 Division 4 races, 4 years of various Rodeo Houston concerts and who knows how many other concerts around Houston? The night the 3rd tooth went we were covering a show. After 2 years of not driving her it’s like driving in NASCAR, constantly working the wheel. That with the ne gear box. And then went I went to get my inspection, noticed at the first light a small car lot with a 70s Bronco out front! Stopped in later, there 5 or 6 Bronco’s in there! That can’t be good, except I gots no more money to buy another right now.
  18. thank you so much …..this is exactly what I needed...……….
  19. Yo 93, The gauges don't travel through nor are controlled by the computer. The sender's should work on the 408. On the 408 ensure all ground straps etc are attached to block. Some of the wiring diagrams: Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function 1 904 (LG/R) Charge Indicator Lamp 2 932 (GY/W) High Beam Indicator Input 3 57 (BK) Ground 4 450 (DG/LG) Fasten Belt Indicator Input 5 29 (Y/W) Fuel Level Input (with Tachometer) 6 19 (LB/R) Instrument Cluster Illumination Input 7 57 (BK) Ground 8 2 (W/LB) Right Turn Input 9 648 (W/PK) Tachometer Input Signal 10 398 (BK/Y) Tachometer Ground (for 8 Cylinder) 11 784 (LB/BK) Low Range Indicator Input 12 210 (LB) 4x4 Indicator Input 13 640 (R/Y) Power Supply in RUN and START 14 16 (R/LG) Charge Indicator Input C1 instrument Cluster Connector ¤ Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function 1 875 (BK/LB) Unique Ground to Gauges 2 658 (PK/LG) "Check Engine Indicator" Input 3 603 (DG) Anti-lock Brake Warning Indicator Input 4 977 (P/W) Brake Warning Indicator Input 5 — Not Used 6 29 (Y/W) Fuel Level Input (Without Tachometer) 7 3 (LG/W) Left Turn Input 8 31 (W/R) Oil Pressure Input 9 875 (BK/LB) Unique Ground to Gauges 10 39 (R/W) Temperature Input 11 531 (DG/Y) Brake Level Switch Input 12 608 (BK/Y) Air Bag Indicator 13 640 (R/Y) Power to Gauges, Hot in START or RUN 14 — Not Used C2 instrument Cluster Connector ¤ BRONCO Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function 1 54 (LG/Y) Battery Input 2 676 (PK/O) Ground 3 296 (W/P) Power (Hot in RUN) 4 491 (O/LB) 4WABS Signal Input 5 530 (LG/Y) 4WABS Signal Return 6 — Not Used 7 679 (GY/BK) Speed Output to Instrument Cluster, Speed Control Amplifier to Powertrain Control Module, and Compass ●Speed Control won't work 8 — Not Used 9 567 (LB/Y) PSOM Programming Connector 10 — Not Used 11 — Not Used 12 — Not Used BRONCO Pin Number Circuit Circuit Function 1 54 (LG/Y) Battery Input 2 676 (PK/O) Ground 3 296 (W/P) Power (Hot in RUN) 4 491 (O/LB) 4WABS Signal Input 5 530 (LG/Y) 4WABS Signal Return 6 — Not Used 7 679 (GY/BK) Speed Output to Instrument Cluster, Speed Control Amplifier to Powertrain Control Module, and Compass 8 — Not Used 9 567 (LB/Y) PSOM Programming Connector 10 — Not Used 11 — Not Used 12 — Not Used In 92 through 96, the rear axle mounted VSS provides a 72,900 to 86,900 pulses per mile signal via the 4WABS module to the Programmable Speedometer/Odometer Module (PSOM) aka Speedometer/Odometer; PSOM then converts this signal to 8,000 pulses per mile. The correct PSOM vehicle speed signal to the PCM is an AC square wave that rises to 5 volts positive and drops back to 3 volts negative, with a frequency of about 120 Hz at 60 mph. That signal is sent out to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) aka Computer or Electronic Engine Control (EEC) that controls the shifting of the Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive Transmission (E4OD) if equipped, and then to:speed control amplifier, if equipped;and overhead consoles compass/outside temperature display module, if equipped. Overhead console module uses the PSOM signal to estimate the accuracy of the outside temperature sensor that uses a high-speed counter to monitor vehicle speed to determine whether engine heat is causing erroneous readings. •• See Computer Pin outs @ http://web.archive.org/web/20120118104425/http://www.oldfuelinjection.com/truckpinouts.html
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  21. Hi , I'm getting towards the end of an engine swap into my 93 bronco . The mechanic that is doing the swap for me doesn't think we will be able to get the dash gauges to work . The truck used to be a 5.0 ……….its now a 408 with EFI...….the EFI unit has its own controller as well as the E4OD transmission so I don't think the old computer is in play anymore …….I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world to add aftermarket gauges but I hate to look at a mostly dead dashboard...……..is there any way to get the dash gauges to work??.....thanks in advance
  22. Yo, That's it!😎 I need a smog pump now. But since new, no engine nor E4OD issues except for a DPFE, two O2 & TAD sensors; 4WABS module (jumpered it out); two muffler hangers; shocks (3 times); ball joints (twice); gas tank and leaf spring hangers. It's been our best vehicle ever! BTW, all because we maintain it according to Ford's Severe Duty Schedule ++ +
  23. I like the read color the Bronco has vs the original Green.
  24. Yo Test. 3 screw to Mile Marker in a 96; w/torques specs by NineT3 Source: by ScottMoore (Big Bronco) at FSB
  25. I finished hanging the rear differential, (you should hang the sway bar before hand), that took a bit to get started. Then thought I was gonna have to get my diesel hammer after the RS brake shoes. The white stuff in the rear is some sort of toxic substance that grew under the cardboard and spare tire these last 2 years! Had to pull the rear window motor to get the rear window down, its pretty tight may be binding after getting hit. What surprised me was the right side tail light, it went right in once I got the tail gate down! Still need to get it inspected and then file for a salvage title! P.S. Life was easier in the days with the drive on lift, but that 6am completion time each morning was rough! Richard
  26. Rather then asking for money out right ya might try making something for people to see, something like a Youtube channel. Take your time making a video, cover a topic on your Bronco people are interested in. I know that there are alot of Auto channels out there but not all of them cover OBS Ford and Bronco content. Could even create a simple 1 color design that could be printed on a White T-Shirt and have it featured on our YouTube page. I guess the message I really want to convey is create something people can spend money on.
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