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Cant adjust my timing

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 09:00 PM

89 Bronco XLT


Hi there, I recently decided to check my timing and found that with the spout on it reads at 30 degrees BTC and with the spout off it reads at about 20.. 


Ive tried adjusting it but whenever I plug the spout back in afterwards the timing stays at 30 degrees....


Im not too familiar with setting the timing on these newer rigs but from what i gather you have to pull the spout off and then set the timing so the computer dosent adjust. 


Could this be an issue with the tfi? Ive recently been running into issues with this truck the main issue being that it runs really bogged down. Also it just started with the ticking sounds when im driving( not in idle)


Ive recently replaced TPS,EGR Sensor,EGR, O2 sensor , IAC Valve,and  Cleaned the crap out of the TB.


Any help would be appreciated since the mechanics apparently have no idea what im talking about  :((  :mad:  :mad:  :angry:  :angry: It looks like im gonna have to be fixing this myself...


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Posted 07 November 2017 - 04:36 AM


Let's begin with Setting the timing by Ryan M @ http://www.fuelinjec...com/page71.html

Yes, you are correct, pull spout off and then set the timing.

Check it out & compare to your process.

 Bookmark his retrieved site for future use.


Next is try a Self Test for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)s by my pal, BroncoJoe19



A helper can assist you by counting the codes. Some use their smart phones to record them.


The engine temperature must be greater than 50° F for the Key On Engine Off (KOEO) Self-Test and greater than 180° F for the Key On Engine Running (KOER) Self-Test.

Run it around to heat the engine up and shift thru all gears including Reverse.
Make sure A/C is off and transmission is in Park (automatic); or in Neutral for a Manual & release clutch.
Then turn off engine, all accessories/lights (close driver's door) , etc.

Do KOEO test First. Post Code(s) here according to KOEO  & KOER.


Some no code usual suspects by Ford;


Vacuum leak, See  my vacuum leak test in post #20  @ http://broncozone.co...de-44/?p=125535

One way to do a quick check is to grab a vacuum gauge. Bring the engine to normal operating temperature. Connect gauge to the intake manifold tee. BEWARE OF FAN, BELT, PULLEYS & HIT ENGINE. 
The vacuum gauge should read steady between 15 and 22 in-Hg 

One indication of a large leak is when air conditioned air flow comes out through defroster vents instead of dash vents.

Air filter, is it relatively clean?
Air inlet atop radiator support to filter box and to throttle body; look for obstruction; damaged tubing, 
Fuel quality; Oxidized fuel often turns darker over time and may even smell sour. You can check stored gasoline by pouring some into a clear glass container and comparing it side-by-side with known fresh gasoline. If your old sample looks noticeably darker than the fresh gas, you have strong evidence the gas has gone bad.
Electrical connectors; inspect at coil, firewall, PCM, etc. especially those with broken locking tabs.


May need to test fuel pressure.

Bronco Fuel pressure:
Running: 30-45psi
Key on engine off: 35-45psi
Attach test lead to FP lead on self test connector. Make sure test lead is long enough to reach work area under vehicle

Grounding the FP lead at the connector will allow the pump to run continuously with the ignition switch on.



-Turn key to RUN position
-Ground test lead and read gauge.




96 XL 5.0 E4OD, Manual BW 1356, manual hubs. See my partially recovered Bronco site. I need to clean up dead links & add many more. Thanks you Mr, Schwim! http://schwimserver5.com/?index=1128

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