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Ny-68 Bronco Restored Daily Driver For Sale

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Posted 05 December 2004 - 03:29 PM


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Iíll give this forum a shot before I put it on eBay. You guys might know better than I what it's worth, so Iíll take offers.

Up for sale is my 1968 recently redone bronco. This has been my daily driver for the past couple of years. It has a 289 & three-speed manual. I have a í73 parts car that has power steering and a c-4 that the new owner can take if he wants.

Iíve postponed this decision as long as I can, but itís gotten to the point where Iím driving on the highway way too much, and I need a more economical/practical vehicle for highway use. The way I figure it is, Iím spending 99.99% of the time on the roads/highway, and .01% off road. I've already paid for a winter vehicle from a dealer. I don't have to sell the bronco, but if I do, I can upgrade my choice of winter vehicles before I pick up the one I paid for.

I just oil-undercoated everywhere, including door jambs and under the hood, and that should help a lot to prevent any salt from doing too much damage. As of this writing, I havenít driven in any salt yet.

My house is in Upstate NY, and Iím working during the week in VT. I drive home on my days off (200 miles each way). It runs great on the highway, but the gearing is too low. Iíd like to be able to make the trip in less time, drive faster, and get better gas mileage. If I had to, Iíd feel 100% safe driving this across the country.

-The body looks real good. This past summer I did some body work and painted it red. I'm not a body man, but I am proud of how it turned out. I installed bushwacker flares, quarter panel guards and rocker guards. All are installed with Stainless steel 18-8 Socket button head bolts. Thereís some extra paint left for future touch ups. It looks sharp, and I get lots of head-turns and positive comments. See the pics.

-Interior is very good, new black vinyl upholstery from uphostererman. Itís not even installed yet. So they will be perfect. The wiper motor cover and visors are black and look great. The cover has a map light. The dash pad is covered with a custom cut black dash cover that I got on eBay. The dash is red and looks good. Floors are solid and the black carpet is in good shape.
I installed a roll bar and hooked up shoulder harness seat belts. I installed intermittent wipers.

-It doesnít leak a drop. Iíve always used synthetic oil and change it regularly. The odometer shows 80,000, but that probably isnít accurate. The motor was replaced with a new one back a few years back. As was a painless wiring harness, dual exhaust, 13 gal plastic gas tank, lots of other stuff I have papers for.

-the top is something I was hoping to replace someday. Itís okay, but not exactly what I wanted. I got it off my parts car. I stripped it down to bare metal and painted it black. When I drove with the windows down, the top would pop up and down with the air gushes on the highway. Pretty common, as Iíve seen it happen with other broncos. I riveted some cross bars to keep that from happening. Some of the rivets make vibrating noise when I hit bumps, and I havenít replaced the rivets.

-thereís only one small spot of rust on the car that is visable, and it bugs me because I just did the body work. It could be sanded and covered with the leftover paint I have. Itís on the right quarter panel, just above the rocker guard. Itís about the size of a coffee bean, but hardly noticeable.

-occasionally I get minor clutch chatter. When that happens, I take the advice I got in these forums, and pull up to a tree, and slowly let out the clutch, and then it goes away. Somewhere down the road though, probably in a year or so, it may have to be addressed. It doesn't bother me at all.

It always starts right up, and runs great. I recently put in new trac bar bushings, C Bushings and radius arm bushings. It tracks better now that my wifeís Subaru. Probably the next upgrade I would do would be to replace the rear rubber for the liftgate.

Make some offers. If I donít get any reasonable ones soon, Iíll list it on eBay. It can be viewed in Vermont, or in upstate NY depending on the day. I will be garaging it on 11-13 when I pick up my winter ride. If it sells before the 13th, then I'll be able to "upgrade" my choice of winter car. So, in other words, I'm more motivated to sell it now than I will be in a week.



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