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1989 Eddie Bauer bronco seat replacement

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 07:50 PM

I just bought an '89 and would like to know what seats from what other model years or F150 models will fit in my Bronco. I would also like to add shoulder harness seatbelts to the rear seats (I have 2 kids riding back there). Has anyone tried adding 2 bucket type seats in place of the bench? I have alot of work to do on this truck and I figure I have about a year to get it all done before I get deployed again (i'm in the Army). Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 03:20 AM

yo Ci49,

Here ya go;

Look in my site's seat section @ http://www.broncolin...x.php?index=312

for many bucket And Bench seat swaps
-96 Bronco & F-series seats are compatible. Front floor pans are identical;

"...Just wanted to mention that the seat bolt paterns on the floor are NOT the same between a 88-91 model and a 92-96. I dont know where during those years it changed, But I bought a replacement bucket from a 95, and it would not just bolt into the 88 that I own. The holes in the front are about 2 Inches narrower in the front on the newer bucket. I swapped the Older track onto the newer seat, and once again, it isnt a simple bolt it up and your good. The front bolts line up good, but you have to drill and tap the rear bolts..."
Source: by TnMtnMan

Here are Some Swaps for Example; see my site for many more;

Rear Installation Info (APC racing buckets); "...They were tight but with the raised rear, it was easy to bolt them through the floor. Just had to reinforce the underside where the bolts came through. ( and be careful where you drill) With the width back there I'm sure any other 2 seats should fit. Again just be careful where you drill; but as I remember we drilled and had axcess to the underside pretty easy. No boxing. But where we drilled may be different from where you drill. Just be sure that there isn't any lines or wires, or the fuel tank under there. We used 3/16" steel stock about 3' square for our reinforcements, but some large thick washers should work too. think you could use the latch bar anchored in the floor to tie the belts to. The shoulder belts are anchored to the floor at the base of the wheel arches. You should be able to reuse them as they sit..." and by Seabronc: "The under side profile is the same as the inside of the cab. You can use a flat piece of steel stock so it has a goof grip on the floor pan. If you check out the way the front seats are reinforced, you will get the idea. Large washers are OK too, but get #8 and use #8 bolts. The only thing that may get in the way is the exhaust system and heat shield, but you can move them out of the way to make the mounting easier. The seats will have to be mounted on rails that will give you approximately the same height as the bench for head room considerations..."
Source: by Rons beast & Seabronc (Rosie, Fred W) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums http://broncozone.co...r-bucket-seats/

Installation & mount mod (88 Saab 5000 Turbo) in an 89
Source: by Andrew K (Andy351, das panzer, sloppy seconds, the magic carpet) at http://www.superford...s=20469#content

Installation & Mount Mod (PRP Racing) in an 84
Source: by justshootme84 (Randy Z, Casual Mudder) at Ford Bronco Zone Forums http://broncozone.co...t-seat-install/

Installation (90's Cherokee) in a 90
Source: by 90Beater (Topher, Chris) at http://bronco.topher...iteup_seat2.htm

Installation (98 2 Door Explorer) in an 89; Part 1; "... The brackets were not a simple bolt-in. The floor angle and contour is a lot different. I modified them to sit properly so I could get full adjustment. I want to be able to raise the front way up and drop the rear for long trips. I had them reupholstered in the '89 factory original material. I just finished the painting the side shields to match the original chestnut color. The driver's side shield was busted where the power switch is and I decided not to glue it. I tried to order one from Ford but their books were really wacky and they couldn't identify the correct one. So I went back to PNP and found a good one. They only had gray and blue. The colors look funny in the pic but the seats look really good in the Bronco, both in size, color and style. These were from a 98 2 door so the passenger side slides forward as the original..."
Source: by j. r. Nice (J. R. N)
Installation (98 2 Door Explorer) in an 89; Part 2; "...swapped in 98 Explorer 2 door seats into my 89. I'm not sure what would classify as "easy". I think it was quite a bit of work and measuring. I wanted to get the full benefit of the 6 way driver seat and wanted them to sit level and even. The original Explorer frame has to be used if you want the benefits of 6 way power on the driver's side. The 2 door Explorer passenger seat functions like the original Bronco frame so the back seat passenger can have easy access. The 4 door doesnt. bought an NOS seat track with motors so I could cut and play with the old ones from the Pick N Pull. It was cheap - Ebay - and never hurts to have spares. The floor profiles are very different between the Bronco and Explorer. I lengthened and shortened wherever necessary to get full advantage. If you don't modify the frame, the seat will fit, but it won't tilt very far back. It will tilt very far into the steering wheel, if that's how you like to drive..."

Installation (Corbeau) in a 90 "...I also no longer have the bronco I installed those seats in. No idea on the size, but they were great seats and very comfortable. I am about 5 9 and 200lbs. install was easy. I used the frame/bracket from the OEM seats and just tossed the factory porno red ones after I was done. I plan on trying to get the one with the arm rest though. Mine did not have arm rests and I wished after driving them for a while that they did. I also got the reclining kind and was glad I did. It's be a huge pain getting in the back without that feature..."
Source: by rugerp89ipsc (mean green) at SuperMotors.net

Installation (F250) in an 85; "... a fellow Ford owner saying that he had the seats from his old F-250 that I could have (thanks again Gerry), so I figured this was as good a time as any. They are far from perfect, but they are structurally better than mine, so I was happy. I didn't take pictures of mounting my base rails to the new seats, but I will tell you that it was not a direct bolt on. I had to re-drill some mounting holes, so I opted to re-drill the front holes of the mounting bracket that attaches to the bottom of the seat, as this would move the seat rearward about 1/2". This also meant that the rear hole for the sliding track was obstructed, so I had to drill holes in bottom of the seat so that bolt could thread in all the way..."
Source: by Chris B (Blue, bronco boy) at http://chrisb.users..../Seat_Swap.html

Installation Info & pic (Explorer) in an 89; "Hardest part was drilling the holes and leveling the seats so there was no binding; Only one hole lined up for me, so I had to drill the other three. I did bend the front bracket a little to get it to contour a little better to the floor. Also, I would attach the front two bolts first, then drill the rear and shim level as needed. Other than that, it was pretty simple. I also put in a separate fuse block for the seats and my CB so I didn't have to run too much wire or tap into another source. Not sure what model mine were from, but tilting the seat forward and scooting it up all the way allows fairly easy access to the back from the passenger side. My driver's seat tilt lever is broke, so I haven't been able to test that side, but my old seats didn't tilt far enough either, so I never had anyone getting in on that side. Also, I removed my center console, so it's really easy to just climb over the front seat and crawl through the middle. At least with my electric Explorer seats, there was no easy way to unbolt just the floor brackets and keep the motors and such intact..."
Source: by hmthesing (Hunter T)


Child Safety Seat, Tether Attachment for 89-96 Bronco & F Series
Source: by miesk5
Ford will pay their dealers to install tether anchors (Program R7C);
here is the Child Safety Seat, Tether Attachment, Bronco, 96 Service Procedure ....for 89-96, & other Fords/Lincoln/Merc

Installed by Dealer; Part # for rear seat center Kit is F2TZ-98613D74-A (Kit - CHILD SE)
Posted Image
It is One thAng tho; in the Service Instructions, Ford has one error, in this paragraph: "Locate the rear seat cushion latch and the rear seat back latch striker (62440). The rear bolt holding the rear seat back latch striker to the floor pan is the bolt ____ (Ford forgot to include "hole" here; & the Kit contains a new Bolt that is slightly longer than this original bolt) used for mounting the tether strap bracket (refer to illustration). Refer to Tether Strap Attachment for the Second Row Center Seating Position in this section."
free. Can also be used to secure cargo. etc.
UPDATE as of 4/13/09; "...Since many of us, here and on other forums, have been told by dealerships that the R7C program is discontinued, only to spend hours ont he phone amd e-mail to finally get it done, I thought I would put the official ford info here. This is in response to my request that I share the info she e-mailed me; Yes, but I would simply say to them that "the program is still active" and the attached information can help make the dealers more aware of what it is. COMPLIMENTARY TETHER ANCHOR INSTALLATION - Program Code R7C This complimentary installation program allows participating dealerships to install multiple supplied tether anchor kits at no charge to the customer. The installation offer applies to all 1989-2001 Model-Year Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury passenger cars and light trucks (2002 & newer come factory installed) that do not have at least one factory-installed tether anchor in a rear seating position (U.S. Federal regulations require that new vehicles produced after September 1, 2000 have factory-installed tether anchors, and that new forward-facing child Ford Motor Company Marketing, Sales and Service seats have tether straps). CLAIMING GUIDELINES Dealers will be reimbursed (via ACES II) as follows: • Parts reimbursement for the tether anchor kit(s) will be at the Dealer Price plus the applicable parts allowance for the given model year. • Labor reimbursement for installing anchor kits will be at the standard labor operation hours multiplied by the Dealer’s approved warranty labor rate in effect on the date of installation. The following should be included on the claim submitted to ACES II: • Program Code: R7C; • Labor Operations: o 995001A - 0.5 hr for one anchor o 995001B - 0.8 for two anchors o 995001C - 1.0 for three anchors • Causal Part Use Child Seat Belt Anchor Kit part number (70613D74 for customer- supplied hardware.) No anchor hardware kit is available for a few older trucks (1989-1990 Bronco II and 1989- 1991 Aerostar, Econoline, and Bronco I) that were designed to use the generic hardware now supplied with most forward facing child seats. For these vehicles, Ford will reimburse Dealers for installation of owner-supplied hardware provided with child seats or the Ford kit (if and when available). Instructions for installing the hardware are included in the Owner Guides and shop manuals for these vehicles. Note: This program (R7C) does not apply to 2002 & newer vehicles..." by KM Adams-Campos Ford Automotive Safety Office Subject Matter Expert: Exterior Lighting (F/CMVSS 108), & Consumer Info (Part 575) NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician
Source: by mommyto3girls at http://www.mothering...her-anchors-r7c


for Adding shoulder harness seat belts to the rear seats
FOR SAFETY, I would get a 92-96 Camper Top from a yard or seller;
Miesk5 NOTE; 92-96 have rear seat outboard shoulder belt mounting points & 3rd brake lights

Camper Top Swap, between 66-77, 78-79, 80-91, 92-96; "...
78-79 fiberglass with integral steel roll bar inside rear lip; sliding or fixed side windows;
80-91 fiberglass with integral steel roll bar inside rear lip; sliding (up to 83) or fixed side windows;
92-96 fiberglass with integral steel roll bar inside rear lip attached to mounting plate & alignment pin; fixed side windows; The only groups that you can interchange are 80-96 with some modifications.

80-83 sliding side windows directly fit 80-96 shells. 78-91 Broncos use 4 short bolts (8mm head, 6x1.00x40mm) on each bedrail & 5 long bolts (8mm head, 6x1.00x70mm) in the upper sections. All bolts thread into U-nuts, except the 2 upper corners & the 2 rear corners which use captive nut plates. The bedrail bolts each use a clip stamped "L" or "R", but the rearmost bolts use the opposite clip. The clips for the B-pillar bolts are not marked, but the smaller tab goes down.

92-96 Broncos use 5 short bolts (tamper T-40 head, 8x1.25x30mm) on each bedrail & 5 long bolts (tamper T-40 head, 8x1.25x60mm) in the upper sections. All bolts thread into U-nuts, except the 2 upper corners & the 4 rear corners which use captive nut plates. The bedrail bolts each use a clip stamped "L" or "R", except the rearmost bolts. The clips for the B-pillar bolts are not marked, but the smaller tab goes down. There are also nut plates in 4 of the camper shell bolt holes: the 2 rearmost, and the 2 outboard at the top of the cab. They're just a heavy plate (1/4"?) with a threaded hole...."; mSource: by Steve83

Removal w/Tool List, & Security Torx® bolt replacement w/Metric sized bolts (5 8x70mm 1.5 Pitch Metric Bolts & 12 8x45mm 1.5 Pitch Metric Bolts) 92 - 96
Source: by Froggmann (Ken P) at http://www.froggmann.../Topremoval.htm

More camper top LINKs in my site @ http://www.broncolin...x.php?index=475


3rd Brake Light Installation; tap into brake lights assy and run wiring into camper top with a connector inside so you can install and remove top if needed.


Inspect shoulder points

Safety Belts, Rear Outboard, Bronco
At the back of the rear seat, remove the anchor bolt for the RH or LH safety belt buckle end, as necessary.
Remove the RH or LH rear seat cushion belt shield insert as necessary.

Safety Belts, Rear Seats, Bronco
Retractor and Tongue
SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Safety Belt Bolt Bit (No. 50 Torx®)
Remove shoulder strap guide cover. Remove the upper anchor bolt using Safety Belt Bolt Bit (No. 50 Torx®) T77L-2100-A.
Remove quarter trim panel. Refer to Section 01-05.
Remove the retractor anchor nuts from rear safety belt retractor and tongue and lower anchor bolt using the Safety Belt Bolt Bit.
Remove the rear safety belt.

Follow removal procedures in reverse order.
Check sealer around floor anchor bolt holes and, if required, add Ford Caulking Cord D6AZ-19560-A or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESB-M4G32-A.
Install and tighten anchor bolts to 35-45 Nm (26-33 lb-ft).
Check the restraint system for proper operation.

Safety Belts, Rear Outboard, Bronco
Item Part Number Description
1 31012 Quarter Trim Panel
2 611B68 Rear Safety Belt Retractor and Tongue
3 386277-S100 Upper Anchor Bolt
4 386273-S100 Lower Anchor Bolt
5 620482-S100 Retractor Anchor Nut � M12
A Tighten to 35-45 Nm
(26-33 Lb-Ft)

Buckle End, Bronco
At the back of the rear seat, remove the anchor bolt for the RH or LH safety belt buckle end, as necessary.
Remove the RH or LH rear seat cushion belt shield insert as necessary
Feed the buckle end assembly down through the seat cushion and pull it out from the back before anchoring it to the floor.
To install, reverse the removal procedure. Tighten the anchor bolt to 35-45 Nm (26-33 lb-ft). Check the restraint system for proper operation

Safety Belt Buckle End, with Center Bucket Seat, Typical
96Safety Belt Buckle End with Center Bucket Seat.gif
Remove the buckle end anchor bolt.
If necessary, remove the bracket retaining the buckle end to the bucket seat.
If necessary, thread the buckle end through the buckle end guide bezel.
Remove the safety belt buckle end from the vehicle
Follow the removal procedures in reverse order.
Seal the anchor bolt hole with Ford Caulking Cord D6AZ-19560-A.
Tighten the anchor bolt to 35-45 Nm (26-33 lb-ft).
Check the restraint system for proper operation

Safety Belt, Lap/Shoulder, Front and Rear Outboard
The combination lap and shoulder belt is fastened by pulling the tongue across the body while the shoulder belt portion is extracting from the retractor, and inserting the tongue into the safety belt buckle until you hear a snap and feel it latch. Make sure that webbing is not twisted. Adjust the lap belt portion of the safety belt by pulling up on the shoulder belt until the lap belt fits snugly and as low as possible around your hips.

Safety Belt, Lap, Center
The center safety lap belts do not have retractors, but do have an adjustable locking tongue. To lengthen the belt, tip the tongue at a right angle to the belt, and pull the tongue until it can reach and be latched into the safety belt buckle.

To fasten the belt, insert the tongue into the open end of the safety belt buckle until you hear a snap and feel it latch. To shorten the belt, pull on the loose end of the webbing. The lap belt should be snug across the hips, NEVER ACROSS THE WAIST.

For camper tops; hump on down to local yards or
seats are available bec of the cash for clunkers AND GOOD VEHICLES mess; For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use;
All Parts
year, etc,
Roof Assembly
Prices range fro $100.00 and up, Negotiate price

Has Vehicle Pics!



Also for obsolete parts;
Our Sponsor here has been adding some to inventory; Jeff's Bronco Graveyard
Jeff at the Bronco Graveyard has offered a 2% discount to members of The BroncoZone for on line orders. To get your discount, enter the discount code BZMEMBER. Also you must include your BroncoZone User Name with the order.

and: by Ford pn:


Lastly, but most importantly; BE Safe Over There!
96 XL 5.0 E4OD, Manual BW 1356, manual hubs. See my partially recovered Bronco site. I need to clean up dead links & add many more. Thanks you Mr, Schwim! http://schwimserver5.com/?index=1128

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:46 PM

Ci49 - did you ever replace your rear seat with a bench or bucket seats with shoulder harnesses?


I want to replace the rear seat in an 88 Bronoc with either a bench that has shoulder harness seat belts or bucket seats with harnesses.



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Posted 18 February 2014 - 07:12 PM

Ci49 - did you ever replace your rear seat with a bench or bucket seats with shoulder harnesses?


I want to replace the rear seat in an 88 Bronoc with either a bench that has shoulder harness seat belts or bucket seats with harnesses.



Anything is possible.  You may have to do some fabrication and defenatly reinforcing where the straps attach to the body.




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