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Plasti Dip'd Carpet

Plasti Dip'd Carpet

Still feels mostly like carpet, just stiff but still comfy carpet :D The key goal was to not have to remove everything to replace my carpet which was in good condition overall to get a waterproof flooring. I also didn't want rhinoliner since it mimics the same properties as is and I wanted some color not just black cuz, well I can.
I went with the Black Cherry Plasti-Dip but I started with an unthinned tan to build up the carpet since it will soak up the sprayable stuff and unfortunately the color I wanted only comes in sprayable.
It took 1 gallon of unthinned tan with about 20% Xylenol added for a bit thinner product, and 1 gallon of the already thinned Black Cherry to get this far. I believe I need one more coat of the Black Cherry and all will be well for the front and passenger area.

I still have the back to do which I imagine will be one gallon of unthinned, and 1 gallon of Black Cherry.

You can say this is more costly than replacement carpet and you'd be right! The difference is I didn't have to remove anything and don't even need to mask anything off so overall not a hard job AND I get color options with a water proof floor (100% once I fully seal in the sides where the carpet ends which any replacement carpet/rubber wouldn't cover anyways).
I also did not have to shape brand new rubber mats and/or carpets which is required with any new material plus the tear down/re-install.

The only spot that will ever peel is the non carpeted area just below the pedals. Who cares!